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This iconic Banksy piece first appeared on the side of a house on Pembroke Road, Bristol, before featuring in the famous Existencillism exhibiton.

This highly coveted unsigned print, first available in 2006, is one of only 600 copies produced.


Medium: Screen Print
Format: Unsigned Print
Year: 2004
Size: H 50cm x W 70cm
Framing details: Not framed
Edition size: 600
Signed: No
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Pest Control COA


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More About Banksy’s Barcode (Leopard)

Bringing to life the monochromatic stencilling that Banksy is best known for, this piece is part of a collection of 600 prints that were first available in 2006 following the creation of the original artwork on the side of a building in Bristol.

With 600 unsigned versions of the original in circulation, ‘Barcode’ is a regular Banksy piece that appears at auction – generating high interest and high prices from Banksy buyers who want to own a piece of the artist’s history.

The Story Behind Banksy’s ‘Barcode’

In true Banksy style, this unsigned print tells a story and holds an underlying message – with regular Banksy buyers able to draw the links between society and the imagery which Banksy has captured. But as is so often the case with Banksy, what you see on the surface of this piece of art is not always what the artist himself is looking to convey.

While on the surface this may be viewed as a critical piece, exploring the link between animals and cages, when you pick apart the various elements in the piece of work it starts to create a new meaning.

Under the microscope of an artistic eye, the very use of the barcode represents the consumerism and commercialisation of the world in which we live – while the leopard represents all of humanity. Having bent the bars out of shape, this piece is one filled with hope and positive messaging; demonstrating that the leopard has successfully broken free of the cage, thus indicating that we are all able to free ourselves from the cage of our modern consumer lifestyle.
And that’s not the only way of viewing and critiquing this piece of art. Another common interpretation likens the unique concept of a barcode with the individuality of each leopard – the leopard representing diversity in the human race.

The History of this Piece

‘Barcode’ first appeared in Bristol on the side of a house, however, the piece was quickly removed and reimagined as a print in an exhibit. Created using stencils, Banksy was able to produce a selection of original pieces around the time of production – resulting in the array of ‘Barcode’ prints that are available today.

In addition to the 600 unsigned copies, there are 150 signed copies out there in circulation, with ‘Barcode’ lots appearing at auction houses across the UK on a regular basis – and always selling for good prices.

Sell Your Banksy ‘Barcode’

With just 600 copies of this print in circulation, this is a highly sought after and popular piece – not only for its highly relevant messaging but for the distinct and striking imagery that Banksy has created. If you’re looking to sell your copy of Banksy’s ‘Barcode’, getting a proper valuation is key to ensuring that you receive the right fee – with our team of professionals offering unparalleled service.

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