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Because I’m Worthless


Because I’m Worthless is an unsigned screen print released as a part of Banksy’s iconic Placard Rat series in 2004 as a rare edition of 175.


Medium: Screen Print
Format: Unsigned Print
Year: 2004
Size: H 50cm x W 35cm
Framing details: Not framed
Edition size: 175
Signed: No
Provenance: Pest Control


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More About Banksy’s ‘Because I’m Worthless’

A canvas featuring the iconic Banksy rat motif, this piece may look simple, but its underlying message is both complex and revealing of the artist’s own views on war, violence, and the state of society.

With a monochromatic stencilled rat at the centre of the image, the text is deliberately designed to stand out with its bold pink words – replicating the graffiti aesthetic of blurred lines and dripping paint. With the title mimicking the text that is spelt out on the rat’s sign, it doesn’t take long before the alternative readings and details start to stand out.

The Story Behind Banksy’s ‘Because I’m Worthless’

Think carefully about where you’ve heard a similar tagline before. In a move that makes a mockery of society’s focus on appearance, aesthetics, and the media, the ‘Because I’m Worthless’ line is deliberately reminiscent of L’Oréal’s ‘Because I’m Worth it’ campaign – with the choice of pink text also tapping into that link between the piece of art and the feminine pressures which lie behind it.

If you look closely at the rat itself, the peace sign around its neck becomes apparent – indicating that he is perhaps there to emanate a social protest or some kind of demonstration (something which also explains and links to the placard-style signage). This takes on its own meaning when we consider the Banksy piece as part of its original 2004 collection, which linked this with two other similar works all inspired by a book called “Get out while you can, Escape the Rat Race”.

Finally, to the rat itself – a common motif that appears in much of Banksy’s art, and is often selected to represent humanity, society, and the flaws that we, as the human race, often observe or showcase. By giving the rat in this piece of art a voice, Banksy is giving voice to society which is so often overlooked and talked down.

The History of this Piece

First appearing on the scene in 2004, this unsigned original print comes from a limited collection, of which only 175 were released. The piece has garnered great interest from Banksy buyers over the years both on its own and as part of the full collection of all three works – especially given its underlying message and mockery of the aesthetic and beauty industry.

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