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Bomb Hugger (Unsigned)


Bomb Hugger is one of Banksy’s earliest screen prints, released as a signed edition of 150 in 2003.


Medium: Screen Print
Format: Signed Print
Year: 2003
Size: H 70cm x W 50cm
Framing details: Not framed
Edition size: 150
Signed: Yes


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More About Banksy’s ‘Bomb Hugger’

For fans of Banksy, it will come as no surprise to you that this stencilled piece of artwork shares a selection of meanings, depending on how closely you look into the piece and how you liken the message to the underlying themes of social and political satire.

Contrary to many of Banksy’s prints, this particular ‘Bomb Hugger’ piece embraces the visual power of a coloured background – intensifying the innocence of the central figure and really making the message of the piece stand out. One of our popular signed Banksy prints, ‘Bomb Hugger’ also goes by the name Bomb Lover – both of which contribute to the story that the artist is looking to tell.

The Story Behind Banksy’s ‘Bomb Hugger’

A combination of innocence and violence, this piece tells a complex story in a simple way – juxtaposing the threat of the bomb with the soft and innocent figure of the girl. Banksy has chosen to represent the character in the most unthreatening way possible by giving her a ponytail and a skirt, using her to embody the youth of today who are being fed stories of war as a heroic battle – and who are being sold violence as an answer rather than a humanitarian problem.

From the media’s portrayal of real conflict to the entertainment industry’s take on violence and death as a popular underlying theme for a film or television show, ‘Bomb Hugger’ or ‘Bomb Love’ (whichever you prefer to call it) captures the unintentional love that young people are showing to war and to violence – while also asking if innocence and love could be enough to disarm a bomb.

You only have to look at the smile on the face of the female character to understand the different viewpoints being explored – from the positive influence that comes from innocence to the damage that violence and warfare are doing to this unknowing young audience.

The History of this Piece

‘Bomb Hugger’ is regarded as one of Banksy’s earliest screen prints, and as such is highly coveted by Banksy buyers and collectors. An integral part of the artist’s history, this print comes from a collection of 150 signed pieces, which were released in 2003. However, the first time that this image was seen was when Banksy sprayed it onto a street in Bristol in 1998 – before the artist turned the stencil into a wider print collection in 2003.

Sell your Banksy ‘Bomb Hugger’

With ‘Bomb Hugger’ one of the earliest screen prints, it follows that those looking to sell their Banksy ‘Bomb Hugger’ or ‘Bomb Love’ print will see a high amount of interest from buyers. With just 150 signed prints in circulation, getting an accurate valuation is a hugely important part of the sale process – with our team of professionals offering unrivalled knowledge and expertise when working with original Banksy prints and pieces of art.

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