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Christ With Shopping Bags


Christ With Shopping Bags by Banksy is a signed screen print edition of 82, 2004.


Medium: Screen Print
Format: Signed Print
Year: 2004
Size: H 70cm x W 70cm
Framing details: Not framed
Edition size: 82
Signed: Yes
Provenance: Pest Control


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More About Banksy’s ‘Christ With Shopping Bags’

In true Banksy style, this original signed print blends the shock factor with an underlying message – this time using an all-too-familiar representation of Christ on the cross but removing the cross and placing shopping bags and tourist goodies into the hands of Christ.

Created using stencilling, mixing the monochromatic figure with pops of colour to really draw attention to the details and modern elements that Banksy wants you to focus your attention on, the concept at the heart of this image is clear – that commercialisation is destroying our understanding of what celebrations are really about.

The Story Behind Banksy’s ‘Christ with Shopping Bags’

When you look closely at this original print, you see that Mickey Mouse ears are apparent in one of the bags, while others hold candy canes and champagne, and are tied with pink bows and ribbons. The presence of the candy cane in particular signifies Christmas, creating a full circle of meaning back to the figure of Christ who we can glean is meant to represent the sacrifice that created these celebrations and holidays.

By placing shopping bags into Christ’s hands, Banksy is not only critiquing the overwhelming rise of commercialisation but is also showing how this idea of buying gifts and eating treats is diluting the real reason as to why these days are sacred.

By placing the bags in Christ’s hands, Banksy may also be commenting on the weight of commercialisation and how it is dragging humanity and society down – damaging more important focuses like charity, compassion, and humility. Not to mention, with the choice of a grey background behind Banksy’s ‘Christ with Shopping Bags’ print, the whole piece has an air of doom and gloom about it.

The History of this Piece

Released in 2004 as part of a small, limited selection of just 84 original prints, this piece was never seen or showcased on the streets (as is often the case with Banksy), thus creating an overwhelming demand among Banksy buyers from all over the world.

Despite not being the only example of Banksy using Jesus Christ as a figure in his work, the blend between modern street art and religious context makes this a rare piece in Banksy’s portfolio – and one which has been seen a number of times at auction over the years. The number of each piece in the 82-print signed collection can be seen in the bottom left corner.

Sell your Banksy ‘Christ with Shopping Bags’

If you’re looking to sell your Banksy ‘Christ with Shopping Bags’ original and signed print, then getting a fair and reputable company to provide you with a valuation is key to establishing its value and cost price.

With only 82 signed pieces in circulation, the rarity of this piece makes it a winner with Banksy buyers, and one which always sells fast and for high prices at auction. For more information, get in touch with our team today.

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