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Festival (Destroy Capitalism)


Banksy’s Festival, also known as Destroy Capitalism, is a three-colour screen print from 2006 released as a part of his Barely Legal exhibition as an signed edition of 150.


Medium: Screen Print
Format: Signed Print
Year: 2006
Size: H 56cm x W 76cm
Framing details: Not framed
Edition size: 150
Signed: Yes
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Pest Control


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More About Banksy’s ‘Festival (Destroy Capitalism)’

When compared with some of Banksy’s other more violent visual depictions and underlying messages, this particular piece – which is a three colour screen print original – is relatively mild. Showing a series of individual characters all queuing at a merchandise booth, it is not until you really focus on these characters and their images that you start to see how they fit with the traditional interpretation of a misfit or outcast from society.

With their goth, punk rocker, alternative vibe, the figures in the queue are all wildly and deliberately unique – and yet they are all queuing up to buy the same, $30 t-shirt from a merchandise stand.

The Story behind Banksy’s Festival (Destroy Capitalism)

With a variety of reading and interpretations available, it is only when you read the title of the piece alongside the art itself that the underlying message and criticism become clear. By their very definition, outcasts and misfits do not typically buy into the norms of capitalism and commercialisation – and yet the figures in this piece are all queuing to buy a t-shirt from a merchandise stand.

This act of capitalism completely contradicts the very existence of these figures in society, with Banksy commenting on the widespread and invasive nature of the capitalist trap. In fact, you could even say that the artist is commenting on the state of these genres as a whole, playing into the idea that alternative festivals and events have now succumbed to the commercial landscape of modern life.

Finally, it’s interesting to note how even these misfits – so often looked down upon or feared by society – are actually staying put in an orderly queue. Again, this imagery goes against the norm and the expected.

The History of this Piece

Released by Banksy in 2006, this piece is one of many that Banksy buyers and critics link to his widespread and all-encompassing commentary on capitalism and the commercialisation of everyday life. As a signed print, this Banksy original is rare due to its limited numbering in circulation. While 500 copies were printed and numbered, it is thought that only around 100 of these ever made it into circulation and only a handful of those are signed originals.

A playful but starkly clear message for corporations and consumers everywhere, this piece is built on irony – the climax of which came in 2013 when a whole host of recreated posters were marketed and sold by Walmart (one of the USA’s biggest corporations).

Sell your Banksy ‘Festival (Destroy Capitalism)’

With Banksy’s ‘Festival (Destroy Capitalism)’ featuring such an iconic collection of figures and a striking underlying message, the piece has become highly coveted and in demand by Banksy buyers everywhere.

In order to ensure you get a fair price if you decide to sell, it is crucial to secure a reputable and trustworthy valuation – with our team primed and ready to help.

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