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Golf Sale (Undesigned)


In 2003 Banksy released 750 unsigned prints of Golf Sale in his signature black and white stencil style.


Medium: Screen Print
Format: Unsigned Print
Year: 2003
Size: H 35cm x W 50cm
Framing details: Not framed
Edition size: 750
Signed: No
Condition: Good
Provenance: Pest Control COA


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More About Banksy’s ‘Golf Sale (Undesigned)’

Created in the signature style of Banksy, this black and white stencil drawing is the epitome of satirical juxtaposition – combining the scale and violence of war vehicles with the mundane reality of a golf sale sign. The figure holding the sign is unphased by the war vehicles and is shown to be blocking their path in a move that is directly linked to the very real acts of bravery exhibited by a Chinese student in 1989.

Through this piece titled ‘Golf Sale’, Banksy both exhibits and changes the story, thus giving it a place in history not just among historians and activists but among Banksy buyers and critics as well.

The Story Behind Banksy’s ‘Golf Sale (Undesigned)’

This piece is simple in its messaging, with the figure standing in the way of the war vehicles and thus representing all those who stand in the way of authority, power, and violence. The decision to place the sign which reads ‘Golf Sale’ in the figures hand likely alludes to the protestors who always carry placards like this to their demonstrations, with the words themselves linking to the mundane nature and life of this everyday person – until they decide to stand up and fight back.

The idea of this piece is to spotlight and celebrate the bravery of these everyday figures, with the tanks designed most likely to represent capitalism, communism, and authority – all things which Banksy often references and critiques in his art.

The History of this Piece

The history is just as important in this piece as the image itself, as the entire meaning of the image lies in its inspiration and in the very real photograph which exists as evidence. The photograph shows one of the most notable non-violent acts of war protest of all time and was captured by Jeff Widener who had no idea it was going to happen until the scene unfolded. In fact, the photographer was simply there to capture the image of the tanks proceeding and had no idea of the protest that was unfolding.

The protest descended into the Tiananmen Square Massacre where military advancement opened fire on the protestors, killing and wounding thousands. It is this bloody history that makes the monochromatic and, in many eyes, bland Banksy piece so eye-opening and shocking.

This piece of art was then created and released in 2003, with 150 signed prints and 600 unsigned prints making it into circulation among Banksy buyers and investors.

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