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HMV Dog is one of Banksy’s earlier, highly desirable monochrome pieces made available in 2003 as a signed edition of 150.

HMV is not just the well-known name of a music record store in the UK – in this context it also stands for “His Master’s Voice”, with the image portraying an old-school gramophone with a dog pointing a bazooka right into the horn of the record player.

Presented in Banksy’s typical stencilling technique, with a monochrome black and white colour palette, this piece of art tells and represents a number of different stories and messages.


Medium: Screen Print
Format: Signed Print
Year: 2004
Size: H 35cm x W 50cm
Framing details: Framed with glass
Edition size: 150
Framing size: 60cm x 45cm
Signed: Yes
Condition: Good
Provenance: Pest Control COA


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The Story behind Banksy’s HMV

The imagery in this piece may be very minimalist and simple, but everything from the title to the positioning of the dog is designed to share a message. At its most basic, this piece shows the dog looking to destroy the gramophone – which may represent the old-school nature of the music industry but could also represent the instruction that he receives every day from his owner (alluding back to the title of the piece).

Another reading of this piece places the gramophone as symbolic of music artists, while the dog is the industry itself which destroys dreams and shuts down any attempt at breaking into a saturated market. The common phrase “dog eat dog” could explain why Banksy chose to place a dog in the frame of the image, or it could be that the gramophone symbolises the old while the dog is making way for something new and fresh.

However you choose to read this image, the choice of HMV as the title almost certainly alludes to the once successfully music retailer called HMV – further supporting the interpretation of this piece as directly linked to the music industry.

History of this Piece

HMV was first seen on the streets of Bristol, where Banksy’s work first started appearing in the early days of his career. After that, in 2003 the HMV piece was seen on the walls of a courtyard outside a nightclub in London – and remains a protected piece that the city uses as a draw for art fans.

Interestingly, much of the inspiration behind this piece comes directly from the logo for the HMV brand – inspired by a real dog who liked to sit and listen to music from a gramophone. This image was first a painting and soon after became an award, a symbol in the music industry, and eventually the logo itself.

The original painting which ultimately inspired Banksy’s HMV original print was created in 1899.

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For Banksy buyers around the world, a formal valuation not only cites the true value of a piece of art but also ensures that the piece is authentic and has been validated by an expert or specialist. If you have an unsigned original print of Banksy’s HMV, getting a valuation will ensure that you receive a fair amount upon the sale of your artwork – with HMV Dog one of the most iconic images that Banksy has ever shared with the world.

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