Borrowing Against Your Collection

Times have been financially unpredictable for a long time now. The last two years have highlighted just how precarious things can get with next to no notice. Refinancing a piece or collection of art could be the ideal way to free up some funds for your next project.

Refinance Vs Selling

Much like with a house, refinancing offers many options which simply selling does not. While selling gives you an instant injection of cold, hard cash, once that has been spent it’s gone. With refinancing, whilst you may have less currency to hand, you retain ownership of the resource and can always do it again once the terms have been completed.

“Fine Art financing can be an important source of liquidity, while also offering financial flexibility”- JP Morgan.

Art offers a fantastic store of value and always has. This allows borrowers to put it forward as a low-risk form of collateral. Lenders who know the art market as well as we do can offer very favourable terms as it is also relatively low-risk for us.

Unleashing the stored value in your collection couldn’t be easier. If you’re interested in pursuing this course to free up some funds, we could have the payment in your account within 24hours.

Private and Secure

If you find yourself needing a financial boost, you don’t want everyone and their dog to know about it. Selling a work of art requires advertising and in the case of a particularly rare piece, that means people may be questioning why you’re selling it. Refinancing does away with this- your business remains private between you and the lender.

Should the worst happen and you find yourself unable to repay the loan, you find yourself in a better position than with other refinancing options. By putting up part of a collection as collateral, you protect your other assets.

Funds Fast

Thanks to our team of expert brokers, Zero Percent knows the art market for our selected artists better than anyone else out there. This gives us the ability to offer you terms which are hard to find elsewhere. We know what a piece is worth, so whether you decide to restructure or sell, we should be your first port of call.

Should you decide that borrowing is the best option for your situation, we could have funds in your account within 24 hours. Imagine what you could do with them- our personal favourite idea is buying more art.

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