Banksy’s work can be found on walls from London to the Gaza, bringing in to sharp focus the injustices and inequalities of modern society while sending a message of compassion and common decency to communities the world over.

Originally operating as a freehand graffiti artist, his stencilled style, now so iconic, was born out of necessity. Stencils are much quicker to use, ensuring a speedy getaway should he be disturbed at work by law enforcement- a realisation he claims to have come to while hiding under a bin lorry.

Since appearing on the public radar, Banksy has managed to keep his true identity hidden.

Without a doubt one of the most interesting artists working today.

Rejuvenated Charmer by leomard tamer

From the Street To The Gallery Wall

In 2002 Banksy’s first exhibition, Existencillism, An Exhibition of Art, Lies And Deviousness was brought to LA. Works displayed included now iconic images such as Smiley Copper, Bomb Lover and Leopard And Barcode. Needless to say, the reviews raved.

Since this exhibition, his iconic, ironic and iconclastic style has become synonomus with the power of art and satire to change the word, speaking truth to power with a knowing wink.

“There’s nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.”

Banksy – Wall and Peace

“Just” graffiti or the finest example of the power of fine art? That is the question.

Having long since become the art world’s favourite graffiti artist, on the rare occasions that one of Banksy’s works enters the marketplace they command a premium. In 2019 the word Devolved Parliament broke records when it fetched £9.9 Million.

This juxtaposes with his often mocking referrals to the elitist scene that has embraced him. It’s not uncommon for the artist to take to his website to call out those who display his work against his wishes.

As well as his famous artworks which are displayed on streets the world over, occasionally the artist releases a very limited number of signed and unsigned prints. These are desperately sought by collectors & can command astronomical prices.

If you wish to own a piece of Banksy’s work for yourself, it will likely be one of these prints. Estimates place the number of signed prints at around 10,000 copies, with stiff competition between collectors, galleries and the public for each.

Banksy Owner?

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